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Faglige arrangementer

  • 23. august - 25. august 2017

    Paul Auster and Literature in the Twenty-First Century

    In connection with Paul Auster’s visit to the University of Copenhagen, we have arranged the conference and Ph.D. seminar, “Paul Auster and Literature in the Twenty-First Century”, 23-25 August. » Læs mere

  • 21. september - 22. september 2017

    Empathy, Recognition, Morality

    CFS Conference with confirmed speakers including Stephen Darwall, Jean Decety, John Drummond, Natasha Gill, James Jardine, Uriah Kriegel, Victoria McGeer, Philip Pettit, Jason Throop and Dan Zahavi. » Læs mere

  • 28. september 2017, kl. 13:00-16:00

    Awkward Europeans?

    'Author Meets Critics' debate with Malin Stegmann McCallion and Anders Wivel, arranged by Centre for Modern European Studies (CEMES). » Læs mere